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Great Escape

Nothing like a cow escape to get everyone overexcited. The farmer involved was most apologetic. Personally, I do not see the drama in these beautiful creatures stomping occasionally all over one’s lawn. Makes up for the steaks and beef burgers they will turn into. The way I see things, cattle have always been good toContinue reading “Great Escape”


When History judges whether lockdowns were the solution or a harmful way of dealing with Covid, History will have sight of the facts and will have had time to chew through the data. The cold light of day is far from the chaos of the offices of Prime Ministers and Presidents when their citizens startedContinue reading “Lockdowns”

Economic Imperialism

One of my top sources for economic insight is a blog written by an avowed Marxist. Why would a Marxian weblog appeal to anyone with conservative and capitalist leanings? In short, the blog in question’s number-crunching and power index calculations are opinions that should not be dismissed. If there is anything to be dismissed aboutContinue reading “Economic Imperialism”


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