Notes & Thoughts

On Trolls

I remember reading somewhere about Al Qaeda cadres captured and imprisoned in Guantanamo. The young men in question heralded from Indonesia and were asked why they hated the West so much. Some remarked that when they were children they used to watch television through TV shop windows in the streets of Jakarta. They could not…

On Truth

What is Truth? The objective residue of reality. That which, hidden or seen, is in accord with fact or fidelity to an original or standard. The criterion of truth depends on authenticity and mirroring exactitude of certainty. Perceiving truth and exposing moral relativism should be human duties. Alas, the fallible nature of mankind inevitably leads…

Great Escape

Nothing like a cow escape to get everyone overexcited. The farmer involved was most apologetic. Personally, I do not see the drama in these beautiful creatures stomping occasionally all over one’s lawn. Makes up for the steaks and beef burgers they will turn into. The way I see things, cattle have always been good to…


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