Dom’s a Surrey villages man who has travelled the world for both work and pleasure. A former ministerial adviser and think tanker in the UK, Dom is a very part time writer/editor and a full-time businessman. He advises a senior politician and a former Central Bank Governor outside the UK, whilst sitting on the board of a business in the mining sector, recently becoming Chair of a private security and asset management company. Dom has edited the influential Country Squire Magazine in the UK since 2016, overseeing the opening of an Indian edition in Bangalore in 2021 – he occasionally writes for other publications including India’s Sunday Guardian. In the course of his travels, Dom met his wife, Widdie, a Venezuelan beauty queen and TV presenter, with whom he has two children. Dom’s a small c conservative of moderate views and backs up his conservative stance by chairing a heritage trust and actively supporting groups opposing hardliner socialists in Venezuela. After hanging up his rugby boots, Dom became a keen fly fisherman and – if not on a plane – can be found on a riverbank somewhere beside his trusty chocolate labs or frantically digging his terrier out of a hole. For more on Dom look here. For any CIS / DD requests please make contact via the contact form.

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