Great Escape

Nothing like a cow escape to get everyone overexcited. The farmer involved was most apologetic. Personally, I do not see the drama in these beautiful creatures stomping occasionally all over one’s lawn. Makes up for the steaks and beef burgers they will turn into. The way I see things, cattle have always been good to me.

Now they are secure behind electric wire fences – soaking up the sunshine and chomping on meadow. I have made sure they have access to a pond for water to bathe in and that the dogs stay well clear of them.

On a late night call a few years ago some cows made it to my study window and started mooing rather loudly. The very dull conference call involved a bunch of Chinese and they were soon asking their translators what the cow noises were. My fussy British colleague was busily SMSing me to mute. So I typed ‘technical difficulties’ on the screen and used the excuse to get to bed.

As I said, cattle have always been good to me. I have always liked cattle.

Published by Dominic Wightman

Businessperson, Editor & Father, Dominic Wightman spends his time between the UK and Venezuela.

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