Covid & Aliens

A taxidermist in Inverness-shire makes sporrans from roadkill. Such examples of extreme entrepreneurship shall see Britain through Covid-19 and our Brexit departure. I see even the French are already piling their money into UK property in anticipation of Britain becoming a safe haven in an increasingly turbulent world. Expect there to follow capital flows from all over – Hong Kong, China, etc – that will further enrich London and the south of the UK and, hopefully, fee income shall somehow make its way up north to the northern counties and into poor Scotland. The City – the less parasitical parts of it – is the best thing by far about British business.

Meanwhile Covid has exposed a number of parasitical businesses which Britain could live without. They know who they are and how they make money from others’ striving. It would be good to see the back of many of these crapitalists in 2021.

Hopefully, sterling stays low for a while and the opportunities keep coming. The talk of trade deals is mostly political nonsense. Trade deals are one thing – business always finds a way to happen with or without them. Just as gold will always appeal to some whatever the economic climate.

The vaccine when it comes will have to be jabbed into the arms of all peoples. That should be interesting to watch. There will be some lunatics even in the first world who will refuse it for whatever reason. Getting Africa jabbed will be easier than inoculating Pakistan or injecting Iran. Never in human history has such global cooperation been so necessary, vital even.

Many decades ago, at the presidential retreat at Camp David in Maryland, President Ronald Reagan hosted Soviet Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev at a summit in an attempt to ease relations between the two nations. The summit was not going well, marked by suspicion and lack of trust. At a critical juncture, ever the charmer, Reagan invited his counterpart to take a walk with him through the wooded trails of Camp David.

Accompanied only by their interpreters, the leaders set out, only to be caught in a rain shower. They ducked into an isolated cabin to wait out the storm. While secluded, Reagan asked Gorbachev a question.

“If my country was invaded by aliens, would your country help us?”

The Soviet leader immediately answered, “Of course!”

Reagan’s quick response was, “And we would help you. If we can cooperate on such a big issue, why can’t we work together on other issues?”

This seemingly innocuous exchange broke the ice, and what followed was one of the most fruitful summits between world powers of the 20th century. There is a lesson here. On big issues we can move forward faster and further. Together.

Simply replace “alien invasion” with Covid. International – note, not globalist – solutions to word problems are key to all our futures.

Published by Dominic Wightman

Businessperson, Editor & Father, Dominic Wightman spends his time between the UK and Venezuela.

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