Shining a light on Britain’s Enemies Within

Good to see that the Corbynites and their murky connections have been lit up today by The Sun newspaper. Not that Boris Johnson and the Conservatives now need much help in winning the upcoming General Election in the UK, this work is useful as it shows how the Hard Left has emerged from the shadows in recent years after Jeremy Corbyn was elected as Labour Party leader. The reaction to the release of this chart of traitors and those connected to terrorists will be more valuable than release of the chart itself, both to the Conservatives and to the saner elements within Labour, as both strive to drive Britain’s miniscule and puny Hard Left back into its box over coming months and years. When will these oddballs come to realise that Britain will never be a communist state and that Marxist ideas have never jelled on these islands as the vast majority of the British People are far too sensible and sound to fall for socialist heroin.

Published by Dominic Wightman

Businessperson, Editor & Father, Dominic Wightman spends his time between the UK and Venezuela.

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